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Unique Designs and Patterns in Wood Flooring

The world of interior design is in a constant state of evolution and advancement, yet there are ideas that persist and gain strength over the years. This is how wood floors continue to take center stage as canvases on which interior designers and construction professionals can unleash their creativity, crafting unique spaces that completely showcases the beauty of their clients homes.

Wooden floors boast many advantages when compared to other types of flooring. They bring style and personality to both indoor and outdoor spaces, offer excellent thermal properties, durability, and the possibility of treatment and rejuvenation if they suffer wear and tear. That’s why in Iowa, it’s one of the preferred options for our clients when it comes to installing or renovating their property’s flooring.

Beyond these merits, wooden floors often deliver a high level of attractiveness and allow for a variety of design patterns. The choice of wood pieces can vary based on the part of the trunk they originate from or the tree species. Colors range from light yellows to deep browns, encompassing endless shades. This is why, at Parceros Construction LLC, we wanted to dedicate this article to showcasing some beautiful wood floor design patterns that, when combined with other interior design elements, can bring a unique style to each space.

  • Straight Design Pattern

When installing wood floors, the first step is to consider the size and orientation of the spaces to define a design pattern that adds style and achieves the desired visual effect. For instance, in a rectangular living room, a straight-line pattern can be employed along the peripheral walls, either with a north-south or east-west orientation. Placing the boards parallel to the longer walls makes the Surface appear larger than it really is, creating a sense of spaciousness. This pattern is easy to design, utilizing one wall as a starting point, and it’s a cost-effective installation due to its lower material waste percentage.

Straight Design Pattern
  • Parquet Design Pattern

The Parquet pattern is a classic design that has been utilized in interior design for centuries. This pattern involves arranging small pieces of wood at angles or geometric shapes. It’s achieved by repeating wooden planks in a geometric pattern, often combining various shapes to create a certain abstract art theme. Some common parquet wood floor patterns include the well-known Chevron or herringbone.

Parquet Design Pattern
  • Wide Plank Design Pattern

Wood floors designed with wide planks evoke a sense of spaciousness and provide a more rustic and warm appearance to spaces. This type of pattern is ideal for country-style properties. The planks used in this design pattern are wider tan normal, which is why we recommend using them in larger spaces at Parceros Construction LLC. They can help offer a distinct style compared to commonly used designs, breaking visual monotony and adding unique character to spaces.

Wide Plank Design Pattern
  • Herringbone Design Pattern

The herringbone pattern is more complex to install than the previously mentioned patterns and requires greater expertise and experience. If you desire this design pattern for your property, we recommend hiring a professional flooring company with a proven track record in wood floor installation. This design is easily recognizable due to its arrangement of planks at 90-degree angles, forming a continuous shape.

Herringbone Design Pattern
  • Chevron Design Pattern

This type of wood floor pattern is often mistaken for herringbone due to its similarity, but there’s a key difference between the two: in a Chevron floor, the planks are cut at an angle, while in the herringbone pattern, complete planks are used.

Chevron Design Pattern
  • Checkerboard Design Pattern

The checkerboard design is a classic option that alternates planks of wood in two different colors, creating a pattern similar to a chessboard. This pattern is often used to add a touch of drama and style to a room, working particularly well in more formal and elegant spaces.

Checkerboard Design Pattern

In conclusion, the current trend of incorporating bold designs and unique patterns in flooring is reshaping how we perceive and connect with our interior spaces. From elegant parquet to the checkerboard pattern, each design has a distinct personality and appeal that you must harmonize with the style you wish to imbue in your property.

At Parceros Construction LLC, we are experts in installing, replacing, restoring, and maintaining wood floors in Iowa. Our team is available to provide free estimates whenever you need them!


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