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Parceros Construction LLC is now a member of NAHB and HBA of Iowa City

At Parceros Construction LLC, we are pleased to announce to all our audiences that we have recently become a part of the Home Builder Association of Iowa City and the National Association of Home Builders, the largest network of home builders in the United States with over 140,000 members nationwide.

Parceros Construction LLC is now a member of NAHB and HBA of Iowa City.

This initiative emerged as part of our inter-institutional relationship strategy and corporate strengthening that drives our company’s actions. Through this, we aim to build bridges for collaborative work with other companies in the construction sector, enhance our knowledge and expertise in each of our specialties (drywall, painting, flooring, roofing, gutters, framing, siding, and remodeling), and gain the support and institutional backing of this great association.

NAHB works on a wide range of issues related to the construction industry in the United States, including tax codes, federal housing programs, regulatory relief, environmental laws, building codes, OSHA, construction materials, housing finance, and more. This membership represents a significant endorsement for our company and provides confidence and credibility among our residential clients.

For context, we will now quote some of the benefits our company will receive as a member of this important builder association, as listed on the NAHB website:

  • NAHB provides industry information and support to its members.

In addition to their extensive advocacy efforts, NAHB supports its members through comprehensive economic analysis and research that provides insights into the housing market, through workforce training programs, and through communication efforts that bring the unique perspective of the housing industry to lawmakers and the public.

NAHB’s staff experts include distinguished economists, tax specialists, financial experts, and technical and regulatory specialists. NAHB also supports its members through innovative building product research, construction techniques, and the association’s legal and land development team efforts.

  • Knowledge provides power and opportunity.

NAHB’s educational programs and resources provide us with the tools we need to gain an edge in the industry. The programs include courses and seminars, offered in-person and online. Additionally, NAHB’s professional designations provide opportunities for our team members to learn new techniques while enhancing their careers and skillsets.

  • Exclusive opportunities to develop important business relationships.

Every professional knows that networking can be the key to business success. That’s why NAHB focuses on providing ample opportunities for members to connect in formal and informal settings.

With 140,000 members from all areas of the housing industry, NAHB is a one-stop shop for networking. NAHB, along with its state and local associations, provides countless ways to meet and build relationships with fellow professionals, future clients, and suppliers.

  • Mailing list service.

NAHB’s Mailing List Service (MLS) provides members with business and networking opportunities through direct mail. Members and others can rent the list to reach over 117,000 industry professionals or target their marketing to more specific areas of interest in the construction industry.

At Parceros Construction LLC, we are convinced that this is a good starting point for corporate relationship-building and fostering strategic alliances with other construction companies that are part of this extensive network in the state of Iowa. This will bring even greater benefits to our residential clients in the future.

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