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Exterior Remodeling of Residential Properties in Iowa: 11 Important Tips and Considerations

Updated: May 9

Remodeling the exterior of your property in Iowa is an exciting and rewarding endeavor that, while challenging, can enhance the value, beauty, and functionality of your home.

Universal Accessibility

However, at Parceros Construction LLC, as an expert construction company in Iowa, we believe that before starting such a project, it is important to consider several aspects to ensure successful and long-lasting results. Here is a detailed guide with key tips and considerations for each stage of your remodeling project:

1. Construction Permits:

Before starting any exterior remodeling work, make sure to obtain all necessary construction permits according to local regulations in Iowa, ensuring that your project meets legal and safety requirements. We recommend:

  • Researching construction permit requirements in your local area.

  • Completing and submitting the permit application according to municipal regulations.

  • Waiting for permit approval before starting any construction work.


2. Climate Considerations:

Due to Iowa's variable climate, it's important to select durable and weather-resistant construction materials. Opt for siding and roofs that can withstand moisture, strong winds, and temperature fluctuations typical of this region of the United States. At this point, our recommendations are:

  • Analyzing Iowa's climate and weather conditions to select resilient materials suitable for all seasons.

  • Consulting with construction experts in residential properties in Iowa regarding suitable materials for siding and roofs, considering the local climate.

  • Considering the installation of vapor barriers and additional insulation to protect against moisture and cold.


3. Energy Efficiency:

Improve your home's energy efficiency during exterior remodeling by installing high-quality insulation, energy-efficient windows, and well-sealed doors. These measures will reduce energy costs and increase comfort inside your home. At Parceros Construction LLC, we recommend:

  • Conducting an energy audit in your home to identify areas for improvement.

  • Installing high-quality insulation in walls, attics, and basements to reduce heat loss.

  • Replacing windows and doors with energy-efficient models featuring double or triple-pane glass.


4. Siding Options:

Consider available siding options such as vinyl, fiber cement, and treated wood, and choose one that best suits your aesthetic and maintenance needs. In our article "Are you considering changing or installing siding on your property in Iowa but unsure which material to choose?" we share ideas on siding materials for Iowa properties. Ensure you select siding that is moisture and element-resistant for increased durability. We recommend:

  • Researching different siding options, considering durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.

  • Requesting siding samples to assess their appearance on your home.

  • Hiring a professional for siding installation following the manufacturer's recommendations.


5. Exterior Painting:

Choose the right colors for exterior painting. This aspect is crucial as it can enhance your home's visual appeal, increase property value, and create a welcoming atmosphere. We recommend:

  • Inspecting the exterior surface of your home and properly preparing areas before painting.

  • Selecting high-quality exterior paint that is weather-resistant.

  • Applying paint in uniform layers and following the manufacturer's instructions for a durable and attractive finish.


6. Durable Roofing:

When selecting roofing material such as asphalt shingles, metal, or ceramic tiles, consider durability, weather resistance, and product lifespan. A quality roof will protect your home for years and require less long-term maintenance. Similar to previous points, we recommend:

  • Researching different roofing options, considering durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and climate conditions.

  • Hiring a reputable roofing installation company in Iowa following the manufacturer's recommendations. At Parceros Construction LLC, we are experts in roofing installation and repair in Iowa. We can provide quality service at an excellent price.


7. Deck and Patio Construction:

Carefully plan the construction of your deck or patio, considering design, functionality, and safety. Use weather and climate-resistant materials like pressure-treated wood or composite materials, and ensure compliance with local construction regulations. At this point, it's important to:

Deck and Patio Construction

  • Design the deck or patio considering available space and your usage needs.

  • Obtain necessary permits for deck or patio construction.

  • Hire a specialized deck and patio construction company to ensure a safe and durable structure. Contact us for a free estimate of your deck construction project in Iowa.


8. Attractive Landscaping:

Enhance your home's exterior appearance with attractive landscaping including native Iowa plants, shade trees, and hardscaping elements like pathways and retaining walls. Proper landscaping can enhance your property's beauty and increase its value. We recommend:

  • Planning landscaping design considering tree, shrub, and hardscaping element placement.

  • Selecting native Iowa plants that are climate-resistant and low maintenance.

  • Installing efficient irrigation systems to keep landscaping healthy and green year-round.


9. Exterior Lighting:

Add strategic exterior lighting to improve property security, aesthetics, and functionality. Install lights at entrances, pathways, and outdoor entertainment areas to create a cozy and safe atmosphere at night. It's important to:

  • Design an exterior lighting plan including security lighting and decorative accents.

  • Install energy-efficient LED lights to reduce electricity costs.

  • Place lights strategically to highlight architectural features and nighttime use areas.


Exterior Lighting

10.  Universal Accessibility:

If remodeling with the intention of aging in place or for people with disabilities, consider accessibility elements like ramps, wide doors, and accessible bathrooms. These modifications will ensure comfort and safety for all residents.

  • Evaluate accessibility needs such as ramps, handrails, and wide hallways.

  • Hire an accessibility specialist company to make necessary modifications.

  • Install safety elements like grab bars and step lights to ensure everyone's safety.


11.  Hiring Qualified Professionals:

Don't skimp on hiring qualified and experienced companies and professionals for exterior remodeling projects in Iowa. Ensure they are licensed, insured, and have solid references for high-quality, smooth work.

  • Research and request references from contractors with experience in similar projects in Iowa.

  • Get multiple quotes and compare services before making a decision.

  • Sign a detailed contract including timelines, budget, and job specifications.

By following these key tips and considerations, you can carry out a successful exterior remodeling and transform your residential property in Iowa into a functional, safe, and aesthetically appealing space.

At Parceros Construction LLC, we offer exterior remodeling services in Iowa, specializing in roofing, siding, exterior painting, gutters, and deck building. If you're interested in getting an estimate for your project, contact us, and we'll schedule an appointment.


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